Nubian Kids Playing on Grandfather Oak


The Nubian is a large regal looking dairy goat that gives mild flavored milk that is high in butterfat.  This all purpose goat is the best suited of the dairy goat breeds to hot conditions and has been successfully used to improve native breeds in many tropical countries.

In 1987, after a few years of using non-descript diarygoats, we settled on the Nubian breed here at Indian Hill.  A wonderful herd (Tattoo Flats) of  extremely largebodied “top ten” milkers became available in Southern California.  Our decision to incorporate this herd into our (Indian Hill) Nubians began a 20 year journey.  Indian Hill/Tattoo Flats Nubians are known throughout the Caribbean and Central America. 

Offspring from our animals are working hard in small dairies, government projects and individual farms. Although we are no longer on milk test our Nubians still produce copious amounts of delicious milk. Our bucks are gentle giants that pass their desirable temperament and milking ability to their offspring.

 Indian Hill is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and the Florida Dairy Goat Association (FDGA).