Exploring the Peace River.


The land of the present location of Indian Hill Ranch was purchased in 1999.  Then the fun began.  The first year, before the house and barns were built, 40 acres of pines and mixed hardwoods were planted.  Fencing and a necessary well were completed too.  While all this was in the works plans were made to improve unused areas for wildlife habitat.


Osceola wild turkeys


For many years the land had been heavily poached. The local wildlife expert was not enthusiastic about bringing back deer and turkey to this land due to development in the area.  However, we now have many Whitetail deer and flocks of Osceola turkeys that share the land with Bobcats, raccoons, quail, turtles and a Florida panther that comes through now and then.  Along with a connection there is a strong responsibility to effectively steward the land and wildlife habitat.


Gabi found a Florida treasure!



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