Dispensing wormer


Excellent herd health is the objective of Indian Hill.  

 Our sheep and goats are kept in separate pastures according to age and sex.  All are given CD&T vaccines as well as being on a CAE and CL prevention program.  To control internal parasites the FAMACHA system is first used, then a rotational worming system is followed.  Animals that continue to have a high parasite load are eliminated from the herd.  At birth all lambs and kids receive a high dose of vitamins, probiotics and a shot of BoSe.  At two months they begin their vaccination schedule which continues with annual boosters.


Does in both the Dairy and Boer herd get a grain ration daily and free choice minerals.  Growing kids, after weaning, receive alfalfa in the form of Chaffhaye.  The amount of protein in the grain is adjusted to meet their dietary needs during early growth, if pregnant, or in milk and whether or not bred.


The commercial and registered Brangus are kept apart and do not need the same care.  Cows in the commercial herd are on rotational grazing.  Supplementation in the form of minerals year round, hay and a liquid that is a by-product from the citrus industry is offered in the winter months.  The registered herd is tested, vaccinated and wormed on a schedule set by our attending veterinarian.  Along with free choice minerals year round they are also supplemented with protein tubs and hay during the winter.  Any additional nutrition is provided with ADM Alliance Nutrition products to young bulls and heifers.