1000 Oponay Trail

Fort Meade, Florida 33841

(863) 533-8277


  Indian Hill Ranch is located in the heart of Florida, easily accessible by air and car.  The ranch is in rural Polk County, one hour from either Tampa or Orlando. 

There is also a small airport that services general aviation about 15 miles north on highway 17 between Bartow and Winter Haven. 

Our nearest town is Fort Meade, a community that dates back to 1849 with 300 homes on the national register of historic homes.

 This region of Florida was heavily mined for phosphate.  The Indian Hill Ranch property was mined by Mobil and then reclaimed.  Our Northern boundary is slated to become a State park in the future.  Now the future park is a regional office for the Department of Environmental Protection.

The ranch is a total of 1120 acres running parallel to the Peace River on our East.  In the 1800ís a Creek Indian chief, Oponay, had a hunting camp on the southern end of the ranch.  Even after mining the area yields artifacts and a hint that others used and appreciated this land long ago.

If you would like to visit the ranch we ask that you first call and arrange a day and time.  Our days are busy, but we will gladly make time to see you. 


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