A Katahdin Ram


The Katahdin breed is a woolless, easy care sheep            

that has a single purpose:  MEAT.   This purpose is           

met efficiently and economically.         


Katahdins are heavy-muscled, medium-sized sheep

that are completely free of permanent wooly fibers

so no shearing is required.


Katahdins naturally produce a lean carcass and

meat flavor is excellent, even as an adult. Like other

hair sheep, long season breeding is another advantage

that they possess and difficult lambing is unusual. 

Ewes are excellent mothers with very good milking

ability.  All of our lambs are pasture born and raised.


Our sheep are selected for easy care on subtropical,

intensively grazed pastures.   The lambs are not creep

fed, but reach market weight soon after weaning.   Our

flock of purebred Katahdins is not registered.


In 2006 we used a registered Dorper ram on all of our

yearling Katahdin ewes producing some lovely lambs

with many of the advantages of the Dorper.  It is an

excellent hybrid cross.


 Indian Hill is a member of the Florida Meat Sheep