Savoring The Health Benefits of Lamb

and Chevon.


Lamb and goat are lean and naturally nutrient rich. Therefore,  these meats fit  into the recommended healthy, balanced eating program. 


Go lean with protein! 

Selection of goat meat carcass on the rail.


Many cuts are lean with less than 200 calories perserving.  Increasing lamb and goat demand may mean some shifting away from dominant beef, poultry and  pork.

  As grain prices increase the shift is to a more sustainable grazing program. We are not an organic farm, but believe in raising healthy animals naturally. The small ruminants dominate the acreage surrounding our house and barn.     

These pastures  range in size from five to twenty acres    arranged like the spokes on a wagon wheel with the barn/house as the hub.  The remaining 800 acres are devoted to the Brangus cattle and the herd of commercial cows.

Indian Hill Farm is Florida's leading exporter of sheep and goats to the Caribbean and Central America. 

Foreign governments as well as leading animal producers purchase  breeding stock to improve herds in their respective countries. 

Our animals easily adapt to life in harsher environments. Our animals travel for food and water and do not live a sedimentary lifestyle in paddocks and small pens. 

There is no artificial weight gain with excess grain or hormones. The meat breeds that we raise (Boer goats, Dorper and Katahdin Sheep) are known to be hardy in varied climates, hot and cold.  Meat to bone ratio is exceptional with little waste.