Jamaican officials make selections for export.


In 1988 Indian Hill received its first export order.   We were pleased to send a large shipment of Nubian goats to Glenn and Bernard Henry of St. Elizabeth Parrish in Jamaica.  That was the beginning of an ongoing relationship with both private individuals and government projects throughout the Caribbean. 

Indian Hill genetics are responsible for herd improvement in the Caymans, Bahamas, Antigua, Martinique, Curacao, St. Martin, Trinidad and Puerto Rico to name a few.  Whether the animals are chosen on site by the buyer or we choose for the customer, our goal is to send the very best animals for the situation.

 In our travels we have seen goats and sheep and cattle in many countries. We have visited with farmers and listened to their requirements, problems and goals.  Without exception the primary use is for milk and meat.  Here at Indian Hill our goats,  sheep and cows are born and raised in large pastures.  We understand that animals that are bulked up for the show ring, although beautiful, have a very difficult time adjusting to life abroad.  Excess fat covers conformation flaws. Therefore, we insist on lean muscle mass in our animals.  Our females are chosen for good conformation and long productive lives with the ability to give plenty of milk to feed their offspring.  Our males must also have good conformation as well as a good temperament.  Our animals have few birthing problems and that trait is carried to their offspring.

 Indian Hill meets the need of healthy, solid, conformation fault free animals. Because of the adherence to integrity, the majority of our buyers are repeat customers. 

All of our animals are sold by private treaty.


A Katahdin ram awaiting export.