In 2006, after many of our overseas customers expressed a desire for this breed, we decided to addthe Dorper sheep to our inventory of animals.

Our original stock includes ewes and a ram from thewell-known Mzuri flock as well as a ram from the Riverwood Ranch.  Other ewes and rams were chosen for diverse genetics from lesser known breeders. 

All of this original stock show outstanding breed character and adaptability for harsh, extensive conditions.

 Dorpers are excellent mothers.  Lambs have high survivability. Dorpers have an extended breeding season and are very fertile and prolific.  Because they are early maturing they will produce a lamb crop at one year of age.  They cross well with commercial ewes of other breeds and we have successfully used our Dorper rams on the well suited Katahdin ewes.

 Dorpers were developed in South Africa in the 1930sand 40s using the Horned Dorset and Black-headed Persian Sheep.  Because of their Blackhead Persian origin, Dorpers have natural tolerance to high temperatures and heavy insect populations making them a natural choice for hot, humid Florida and island conditions.  The coat is a mixture of hair and short wool, which is shed, eliminating the need for shearing.

 Dorper hides produce top quality leather and the meat is tender and delicious.  It is truly a meat sheep for the modern producer.

Here at Indian Hill our Dorpers are thriving. We have vigorously culled for parasite resistance. Fall lambs are available as well as mature rams.

 Indian Hill is a member of the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society.  All of our Dorper Sheep are registered with the ADSBS.