Enjoy grass fed beef. 

Now taking orders for half or whole carcass. 


Indian Hillís commercial herd occupies approximately 600 acres of the ranch.  These are grass fed cows that have a Brangus bull with them at all times. 

Calves are dropped year round.  Twice a year when calves are approximately 700 pounds they are rounded up and taken to market.  The ranch is fenced and cross-fenced so rotational grazing is practiced.


Brangus Influence Young Cow


 Most of this ranch land used for grazing is comprised of a thin layer of top soil on sand tailings, typical reclaimed mining land.  When Mobil reclaimed the land Cogan Grass was planted to prevent erosion.  It has become a nuisance in many areas of reclaimed land and has also spread to roadways.  Native grasses can not compete with this invasive grass.

 Three years ago we planted a 5 acre test pasture of Mulata, a Brazilian grass, well suited for well-drained land.  Mulata completely choked out the Cogan grass.  

A small group of about 30 Boer Does were left through the summer growing period with no need to worm the animals.  100 round rolls of hay were rolled.  With that success a larger area of about 40 acres was planted two years later.  Each year several acres are targeted for improvement.