Cheese making class-Costa Rica


Indian Hill Ranch offers support and teaching seminars.  Our involvement does not end with the sale of livestock. We can teach you how to manage your livestock, as well as utilize the animal's products.

Watch milk become fine farmstead, artisan cheese.  Learn cheese making techniques & processes. 

We will also cover basic cheese-making techniquesand questions, dairy husbandry, and sanitization practices in the milking parlor and cheese plant.


What will I learn?

Costa Rica cheese making seminar

Different styles of cheeses can be made quite easily at home. Our Workshops will teach you how to make “Soft” cheeses
such as ricotta and chevre, a fun microwave mozzarella, as well as a pressed hard cheese called Caerphilly. 

All made with delicious, healthy goat milk.  Most recipes can also be adapted for cow's milk.


Who can attend?

Our workshops are suitable for the complete novice. No prior knowledge is needed. Perfect for anyone with an interest is sustainable agriculture and cheese-making!