The Brangus breed was developed to take advantage of the superior traits of Angus and Brahman cattle.  It was stabilized at 5/8 Angus and 3/8 Brahman. 

The Brahman developed disease resistance, overall hardiness and outstanding maternal instincts through natural selection.  Angus are known for superior carcass qualities.  Registered Brangus are solid black and polled.

Both parents must be registered with the IBBA. This breed has proven resistant to heat and high humidity.  The cows are good mothers and the calves are usually of medium size at birth. 

Calves from Brangus are heavier at weaning with more total pounds produced per cow.  Brangus cows increase their weights during the hot, wet summer months.

The hardiness of this breed along with the excellent  carcass qualities and calm temperament is what drew us to the Brangus.  The registered herd is easy to work and  handles with ease.

Indian Hill commercial calves are all at least 50%  Brangus.  The overall improvement of the  commercial herd took a giant step forward with the introduction of registered Brangus bulls.

Indian Hill is a member of the International Brangus  Breeders Association (IBBA), The Florida Brangus Breeders Association (FBBA), and the Polk County  Cattleman's Association.