Boer brood doe "Erindi"


Dutch farmers in South Africa are credited with

the development of the Boer.  Selection for meat

is the criteria with the focus on rapid growth and

excellent carcass qualities.  Their hardiness under

adverse conditions while producing fast growing kids

year round is the attractiveness for this unique breed

of livestock.


          Indian Hill added Boer Meat Goats in 1994. 

These heavy fleshed goats have proven themselves

to be easy keepers.  Our Boers must travel for food

and water. They thrive on low grade pasture and

browse.  Weight gain is muscle, not fat. The demand

for high quality, lean, healthy red meat continues to

grow in the United States each year.  Indian Hill

Boer breeding stock is prized for their ability to carry

these traits when crossed with native stock in

other countries.


          Indian Hill is a member of the American Boer

Goat Association (ABGA), American Meat

Goat Association (AMGA) and the Florida Meat

Goat Association (FMGA).